How To Safely Remove Hair Extensions At Home

11 May , 2020

If your hair extensions are currently creeping down your head and tangling at the roots, don’t panic. As we know, hair salons are closed for the foreseeable so the ideal option to let the pros remove them isn’t currently possible, but there are a few ways to maintain your extensions or even remove them yourself.

Avoid trying to just pull them out, as it can place the hair that is still growing to be put under unnecessary strain, or even pull it out. It’s recommended to try to maintain your extensions, no matter how long they've been in until you can get them removed at a salon.

However, if like Love Island’s Ellie Brown, you can't wait until your next salon appointment and are desperate to take them out, we’ve shared some pro tips and tricks for removing both bond and tape hair extensions at home.

Tape extensions are usually easier to remove than bonds. Firstly, you will need to purchase tape-in and keratin extension adhesive remover, which should be available on Amazon.

Apply a drop or two of the remover along the tape, massage it in, and you should feel the tape loosen up. Then gently peel off the extension and slide it down the hair. The adhesive remover is completely safe and will not damage your hair. You can use the remover to get rid of any glue residue afterwards too.

Things are a little trickier for bonds, as you’ll require hair extension pliers, keratin remover, and a fine-tooth comb.

To begin, separate the bonded hair from all the surrounding hair, and apply the keratin remover to the bond, working it for a few seconds. Then, get your pliers and gently clamp down on the bond, squeezing it until it breaks. At that point, you should be able to slide the hair extension down off the hair.

Repeat until you have removed each bond. Go through your strands to ensure there’s no glue residue. If you’re self-isolating with a friend or partner, then recruit their help to get the difficult bonds at the back.

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