How To Find The Best Shade Of Red For Your Hair

07 Aug , 2020

Some women may go out of their way to avoid red tones in their hair, but many realise that it’s a colour that will never go out of style. Once you’ve tried it, it’s probably impossible to go back to your natural colour. But choose the wrong shade, and you’ll hate it and never try again.

Harper’s Bazaar is once again proclaiming the virtues of going red, so we wanted to have a look at choosing the right shade that will suit you best.

Your skin tone is the main consideration when it comes to choosing the tone of your hair. Much like your natural colour goes well with your natural skin tone, the colour you choose for your hair needs to compliment the undertones of your skin.

A coppery gold colour works nicely with yellow undertones, and cooler reds compliment more olive skin. Choosing a colour that is the opposite of your skin tone will end up exaggerating the undertones of your skin in rather an unpleasant way. Copper tones will make olive skin appear greener. The right colour will be balanced and natural with your skin.

How light or dark your skin is is a good indicator of how dark or intense a colour might look good on you.

Light Skin 

Fair skin needs a lighter, strawberry or golden red, bright coppery tones or true red. But avoid violet reds, as they may make you look pale and sickly.

Medium Skin 

More colour in your skin means you can carry off more colour in the hair, for example, a medium copper or auburn shade.

Dark Skin

Darker skin has the most colour and is best suited to darker and cooler reds. To see if warmer or cooler colours work best, look at yourself in the mirror, and hold something silver next to your skin, and then see the difference by holding something gold.

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