What Will Post-Pandemic Hair Appointments Be Like?

02 Jun , 2020
Lockdown is getting to us all, there’s no doubt about that, and while restrictions are being eased around the UK at the moment, it will certainly be a very long time indeed before we return to anything that even remotely resembles relative normality… and social distancing measures are likely to be in place for quite some time.

So what does this mean for all of us whose hair is gradually getting more and more out of control? No doubt there are many of you out there who have got the kitchen scissors out and given yourself a good trim and, equally, there will be just as many of you who have let their locks grow… and grow.

We’re all longing for a professional haircut right now but it’s important to remember that the salon days of yore are now behind us and we will need to adjust to a new way of getting a haircut.

According to Vogue, it’s possible that hair salons around Britain could reopen from July 4th, but appointments won’t work in the same way as previously.

Looking at other places around the world is something of a signal as to what we can expect to see here, such as David Mallett in Paris which now has protective barriers for client safety, masks provided for customers, no food or drink in the salon and clients must arrive unaccompanied.

Of course, there’s one way to bridge the gap between haircuts successfully and that’s through the use of Klarna hair extensions. No matter what your natural hair is doing, you can always elevate your look with ease by clipping in some extensions. You’ll feel good as new immediately!