Tips For Other Uses For Conditioner

13 Jul , 2020

Most people think that conditioner is only for use with hair, but there are more uses for conditioner than just that.

Many women collect a wide range of hair treatments and hair care products, and there are products for every type of hair. But your dependable conditioner can make your life easier with some of these easy life hacks!

It can be a great bath moisturiser. If you use a body scrub or bathing lather that creates lots of foam, then to get back the natural moisture of the body, add a little conditioner to your bath, just as you are getting finished. In no time, you will have moisturised skin.

Conditioners usually smell rather nice, and it can be used to enhance the fragrance of their hair. But it can also be used to make your clothes smell nice too.

Make your own fabric conditioner by mixing a little of the conditioner with some water, and pop it in a spray bottle. Shake it up to mix it thoroughly, and spritz it on your clothes from a distance.

Conditioner can also be used as a shaving creme, leaving your skin feeling moisturised and smooth.

You can get soft cuticles for both your manicure and your pedicure session if you apply just a little bit of the conditioner on the nails using a cotton swab. Massage the cuticles gently and they will get soft in no time.

From time to time, the shower drain can get clogged, so next time pour a little conditioner down the drain, followed by some hot water, and it will loosen and rinse away the clog.

Some people believe that conditioner can be used as a replacement for laundry detergent if you have run out. Soak the laundry in hot water in a clean sink, and add a teaspoon of conditioner. Let the clothes soak for half an hour in the foamy mix, then take them out, rinse, and dry.

Of course, the primary purpose of conditioner is for your hair, and if you’re looking for hair extensions in Liverpool, come and visit us!