Lavender - The Hot New Hair Colour Trend!

01 Jul , 2020

With lockdown restrictions gradually being eased and hair salons soon to reopen their doors once again, no doubt you’re all very keen indeed to give yourself a post-pandemic haircut and dye… but what sort of colour should you go for?

Well, one of the hottest trends to have emerged over the last few weeks is none other than lavender which, at first thought, might not seem like a particularly obvious choice - but after looking at a few photos of other people who have gone for this shade, you’ll soon change your mind.

Check out this article on the Cosmopolitan website showcasing some of the very best lavender looks out there at the moment, whether you want to go all out with a full head of colour or keep it more subtle with some dyed tips.

One of the best things about going lavender is that you can keep the roots quite dark and your dye job won’t be compromised. In fact, you might find you like the dark root look and decide to keep it!

If you’re not sure if you’re going to like lavender, don’t go for something super bright at first. Instead, blend some darker highlights in with a chocolate brown base and see how you feel. You can always go brighter later down the line and have a lot of fun trying to find your perfect shade.

For another post-lockdown look, what about getting yourself some 1b hair extensions - an easy way to change your hair without having to commit to a cut or dye. Order a colour swatch today to find the right shade for you.